Advocacy heats up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tarentum, Pa.-based Blackburn’s hosted U.S. Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., for a roundtable discussion with company executives, University of Pittsburgh researchers and other industry stakeholders, according to a local newspaper. The focus of the discussion: two bills, one that would stop competitive bidding pricing for accessories for complex rehab manual wheelchairs (H.R. 2293) and one that would create a separate benefit category for complex rehab (H.R. 2408). Lamb said the discussion was valuable, especially for a congressman like him, who has been in office for only about a year. “We have to make it better,” he said. “Nobody asked for this stuff to happen to them, so why would we not go the extra mile?”…Members of OAMES testified before the state’s House Finance Committee on May 8 to voice their concerns with sole-source contracting for HME, according to a local newspaper. They’re backing a proposed amendment, HC 2371, that would, in part, prohibit such contracting. Their testimony came as lawmakers weigh changes to the proposed state budget…A group of women with diabetes in Minnesota pled with lawmakers on May 13 to address the rising costs of insulin, according to a local newspaper. During a press conference at the state Capitol, the group urged lawmakers to support a provision in health and human services bills in both the House and Senate that would give diabetics an emergency supply of insulin if they can’t afford it. The House bill would provide an emergency supply of 90 days, while the Senate bill would provide an emergency supply of 30 days.