Brightree Services cuts 50 jobs in Wisconsin

Monday, March 3, 2014

PADDOCK LAKE, Wis. – Brightree Services, a Brightree subsidiary, has laid off 50 employees from its Paddock Lake, Wis., office, the Kenosha News reports. The company will still provide services there, but it may eliminate more jobs between now and June 30, according to the story. “Competitive bidding, a process mandated by Medicare, is just one of those pressures that by itself drove down total reimbursable amounts across our billing service customer base by 45%,” said Judson Phillips, marketing and communications director, for Brightree. Brightree Services had 175 employees in the Paddock Lake office. The company moved there from Antioch, Ill., with 80 employees in 2010, the story reports.


They are out sorceing to India, with no second thought of the employee's that are now out of jobs! People relied on those jobs for there family. Ask about loy offs in GA. Guess what the Scotish guy hasn't layed off any of his employee's, just from the company he bought out!!! There is no compashion its all about the money not the people. The people that are still working won't be for long every one knows they can be next! They all know there working to get caught up on all the companies they over booked with not enough workers and then all jobs will be done. My heart goes out to the real person behind those 80 jobs! We all know who she is and that we had jobs because she had compashion and concern for her employee's! We know what we know because of her and her only!! The only Thank You for beleaveing in us Goes to HER! Not Brightree! He should of stayed in GA.

If anyone is using Brightree Billing or working for still working for Brightreee, please email me directly. I need to hear from you to help save my business! Thank you.

Please email me with your information. I need help saving my company. Your information will be held confidential .Thank you!!