Cape Medical Supply reimagines CPAP experience

Thursday, February 4, 2016

SANDWICH, Mass. – Cape Medical Supply will roll out a “Visual Learning Program” for all new CPAP patients on Feb. 15. The program uses iPads, visual instructions and hands-on training with CPAP machines to show patients how to set up, use and diagnose common problems with their sleep therapy. “In the summer of 2015, we began a very detailed study of what we call the ‘PAP Patient Experience,’” said Mike Sheehan, COO. “We felt the setup process was far too wordy and in an effort to help patients absorb important aspects of their therapy, we decided to pair the verbal approach with images, videos and easy-to-understand instruction packets.” Cape Medical Supply anticipates that the program will improve the company’s already industry-leading compliance rate and help patients adjust to their therapy faster. The program is only the latest improvement Cape Medical Supply has made to its sleep therapy program since 2012. Other recent improvements include an online reordering portal called MyResupply, online payment portals called AutoPay and BillPay, a Sleep Therapy Center in Sandwich, and SleepExpress locations in New Bedford and Plymouth.