CleveMed secures patent for sleep data analytics tool

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland Medical Devices has been issued a new patent that covers “technologies that enable data transfer from home sleep apnea therapy (CPAP) to the cloud through software apps on a patient’s cell phones or other personal smart devices like wearables.” “There is a tremendous need to allow healthcare providers and patients easy access to therapy efficacy data, especially long-term,” said Hani Kayyali, CEO. “This will not only permit healthcare providers a deeper understanding of a patient’s response to therapy through larger data integration, but also give patients easy access to their own data to improve engagement with therapy.” CleveMed says the patent is “one in a long line of patents” that will establish the company as a leader in “data acquisition from the home for patients suffering from chronic sleep disorders.” CleveMed’s most recent addition to its product lineup: SleepView Insight, a quarterly report that offers summaries on HST data, including demographics, screening results, disease severity, co-morbidities, turnaround times and study completion rates. The company is currently offering a free pilot of the tool.