CMS plans to extend PMD demo

Friday, February 9, 2018

WASHINGTON – It looks like CMS plans to extend a demonstration project requiring prior authorizations for power mobility devices, according to a notice posted in the Federal Register on Feb. 7. The demo, in place in 19 states, is set to expire at the end of August. The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 requires federal agencies to publish notice in the Federal Register concerning each proposed collection of information, including each proposed extension or reinstatement of an existing collection of information, and to allow a second opportunity for public comment. CMS has directed comments to be sent to the Office of Management and Budget by March 9. The demo kicked off in seven states in September 2012 and was expanded to 12 states in 2014, bringing the total to 19. In July 2015, CMS extended the demo through August 2018. Stakeholders have told CMS they’d like to see the agency expand prior authorizations to the remaining states and also require them for complex rehab wheelchairs. CMS also started requiring prior authorizations for two complex rehab codes, K0856 and K0861, in 2017.