Combo rollator wins award

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The Free2Go Rollator, which combines the benefits of a raised toilet seat, safety frame and rolling walker, has won a TravelAbility Launchpad award. The competition included 15 disability product entrepreneurs and potential investors. “The Free2Go beat the competition because it identified and solved a common problem: finding a portable, discreet and dignified way to use the toilet independently,” said Jake Steinman, founder and CEO of TravelAbility’s Launchpad. Lesli Wang designed the Free2Go for her mother, who was looking for a toilet product that she could use safely and independently outside of her home. “If a raised toilet seat and/or toilet safety frame are needed inside the home, wouldn’t they be needed outside the home,” said Wang, president and CEO. “Many customers have written to me directly to thank me for filling a gap sorely needed by people with compromised muscles or joints.”