CRT bill introduced in Michigan

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

LANSING, Mich. – Rep. Beau LaFave has introduced a bill in Michigan’s House of Representatives that would establish focused policies and rules for complex rehab technology products and services, NCART reports. House Bill No. 4948, the “Complex Needs Patient Act,” would designate CRT as DME that is individually configured for an individual to meet his or her specific and unique medical, physical and functional needs. The bill would also set guidelines for qualified CRT suppliers, including having at least one qualified CRT professional for each location, and require managed care Medicaid plans to adopt its policies and rules. NCART credited the University of Michigan Wheelchair Seating Service, the Michigan Homecare and Hospice Association and others for helping get LaFave, a Republican, to introduce the bill. NCART and the Michigan Homecare and Hospice Association have formed an advocacy work group to provide strategic and tactical assistance as stakeholders work to get the bill passed.