Diabetes supplies en route to Texas

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ARLINGTON, Va. – The American Diabetes Association, JDRF and Insulin for Life have secured and shipped more than 3,750 pounds of donated diabetes supplies to people with diabetes affected by Hurricane Harvey, they announced Aug. 29. Five pallets, each of which includes 200,000 syringes, 50,000 pen needles and 20,000 alcohol pads, are already en route to the Houston area. Accompanying each pallet are separate packages containing dozens of blood glucose meters along with thousands of glucose test strips and lancets, which will allow an individual to test his or her blood glucose three times per day for nearly two months. More than 25,000 units of analogue and human insulin, in both vial and pen forms, will also be delivered for each pallet, pending safe delivery and temperature control conditions at the locations. One pallet is for immediate distribution by the Houston Health Department to evacuees with diabetes who are sheltered at the George R. Brown Convention Center. The second pallet will be distributed by Sen. Larry Taylor's office to the Galveston communities of Clear Creek, Friendswood, League City and Victory Lakes. Two pallets are being delivered to the Harris County Health Department. The fifth pallet is going to the City of Corpus Christi Health Department. The organizations have also launched a website, diabetes.org/hurricaneharvey, for updated information and resources.