Dynamic Healthcare Software, InstaMed partner

Thursday, July 24, 2014

PHILADELPHIA – Dynamic Healthcare Software has teamed up with InstaMed to offer integrated healthcare clearinghouse solutions through its bflow 3 cloud-based billing and compliance platform, according to a release. bflow allows providers to streamline patient eligibility verification and claims status inquiries, while batching and processing claims and remittances manually or automatically. “The process to verify eligibility, submit claims and reconcile remittances is very complicated, involving multiple steps, systems and transactions,” stated Eric Williams, president and COO of bflow, in a press release. “This strategic partnership with InstaMed enables us to simplify these processes for our providers by enhancing the bflow system with ‘one click’ integration of InstaMed clearinghouse solutions.” With the integration, electronic payments post automatically to bflow systems, giving users real-time reporting on claims and payment details on InstaMed’s cloud-based network.