Eppic Medical buys Mobul

Thursday, July 23, 2020

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Eppic Medical has acquired Mobul: the mobility store in Long Beach, Calif. As part of the acquisition, which is Eppic Medical’s third, Mobul will also provide custom complex rehab products to customers requiring more than just standard medical equipment. Eppic Medical, an HME retailer based here serving customers in Palm Desert and San Diego, is affiliated with Access Medical, a provider of complex rehab products with offices in Carlsbad, Anaheim, Palm Desert, Burlingame, Honolulu and Saipan. Eppic Medical will also leverage the Mobul business model to grow its own business. “The quality of the products, the outstanding service provided by the staff and the beauty of the store are exactly what attracted us to Mobul,” said Blaine Hunt, president and CEO. “We want to utilize the Mobul platform and expand our operations further.” Hunt says he will seek out additional acquisitions.