Financial Benchmarking Survey is live

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

WATERLOO, Iowa, and YARMOUTH, Maine – VGM Group and HME News have opened the HME Financial Benchmarking Survey. They’re partnering on the survey, which tracks data on everything from days sales outstanding to revenue per full-time employee, for the second year. “This continued partnership makes it convenient for HME providers to have one source to submit their business information,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “We highly encourage all HME providers to participate in this important survey. The quality is dependent on participation.” The survey will be open through July 17. All providers who complete a survey will receive the results for free. The results will also be shared and analyzed by VGM’s Mark Higley at the HME News Business Summit, Sept. 22-24 in Cleveland.