Geriatric Medical reduces carbon footprint

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WOBURN, Mass. – Geriatric Medical & Surgical Supply, a distributor of medical supplies, has completed construction on a 585kW solar project on the roof of its facility in Woburn, Mass. The company says it is among the largest roof-mounted solar projects completed in the state. The solar project consists of about 1,200 high efficiency solar panels and 540 inverters that will allow Geriatric Medical to produce in excess of 100% of its energy needs and supply the remainder to other environmentally conscious businesses. Based on projections from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the project will save about 25 million pounds of greenhouse gas by 2040, the company says. “This clean energy initiative is very important to our company,” said Jeffrey Siegal, CEO of Geriatric Medical. “Our team is proud that we have drastically reduced our carbon footprint and our hope is to inspire other members of the community to do the same.”