Hurricane Harvey: FODAC helps manage equipment needs

Thursday, September 14, 2017

HOUSTON – Representatives from Atlanta-based Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC), which provides mobility aids to people with disabilities, traveled to storm-ravaged Houston this week to help set up and manage national collection and local distribution of DME to those affected in the area. FODAC says more than 813,000 households have requested assistance, many with special needs residents. “DME vendors have been very generous with donations of vital equipment, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds and shower benches,” said President and CEO Chris Brand. “The challenge is to get the equipment into the hands of those that need it.” Brand and Home Modification Coordinator Ruth Rust will be the first FODAC staff members on the ground in Houston, with plans for other staff members to follow. FODAC has provided assistance after earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal; hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Ike and Isaac; and floods that devastated north Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas in 2009. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency appointed FODAC to serve as the statewide distributor of DME and assistive technology in the event of a large emergency situation in 2013.