J&J increases interconnectivity for diabetes management

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CHESTERBOOK, Pa. – The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies has announced that people using LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal mobile app for managing their diabetes can now view their blood sugar readings directly in the Apple Health app on their iPhones. They can also choose to privately and securely share that data with their healthcare team. “We’re thrilled to offer this new connectivity and ultimately help people have access to the information they need using the tools of their choice to better manage their diabetes,” stated Dr. Brian Levy, chief medical officer at LifeScan. Users of the OneTouch Verio Sync meter can wirelessly sync their data to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app for access across multiple devices. With this announcement, this information can now be synced with the Apple Health app, providing a comprehensive view of the overall health of users for themselves and, if they choose, their healthcare providers. While Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies champion interconnected diabetes management, they also realize that tens of thousands don’t have access to fundamental supplies. As such, they have also announced that LifeScan will donate 1.3 million blood glucose monitoring test strips in support of the Life for a Child program, an ongoing effort by the International Diabetes Federation to provide urgently needed diabetes supplies to children worldwide.