MAMES supports bid lawsuit

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

STILLWATER, Minn. – The Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services (MAMES) has filed an amicus brief in support of a competitive bidding-related lawsuit. Shoreview, Minn.-based Key Medical Supply filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services in February of 2012, arguing that the program would cripple its business and jeopardize patient access to equipment and supplies. A federal judge granted the government’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, but Key Medical filed an appeal in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in July. “By filing an amicus brief, MAMES was able to elaborate on the legal issues and provide additional education and context for the court regarding competitive bidding and why it matters to the entire medical equipment and supply industry, and to the MAMES members we serve,” the association stated in a bulletin to members. MAMES has dedicated $13,000 to participate in the case. Stakeholders are now waiting for the court to schedule a hearing.