NHIA leverages Citus Health to digitize provider workflow

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

NEW YORK – The National Home Infusion Association and Citus Health, a digital health solution provider for the post-acute care industry, have agreed to collaborate on the use of a web-based technology that will give home infusion providers greater access to clinical resources to enhance patient care. Citus and NHIA say the technology, Call Bell, will help providers transform traditional workflows into efficient digital processes, while enabling interactive communications with remote patients. “Working in the industry as a home infusion nurse for many years, I saw first-hand how the lack of automation and information flow can negatively impact an organization’s ability to deliver a high level of care,” said Melissa Kozak, RN, CRNI, founder and CEO of Citus Health. “Through the application of innovative technologies, we believe we can transform many paper-based and manual-intensive processes that can be found across the post-acute care industry.”