Noridian clarifies LCD for surgical dressings

Friday, October 27, 2017

WASHINGTON – Noridian has made several clarifications related to the local coverage determination for surgical dressings, including that the three types of wounds covered are independent of each other, AAHomecare reports. Noridian also clarified that collagen dressings can be used for a maximum of seven days and can be changed daily depending on the wound; hydrogel dressing is covered when the wound is not a pressure ulcer; and “the LCD’s characterization of a wound as ‘full thickness’ or ‘partial thickness’ applies for purposes of coverage, rather than the NPUAP wound staging definitions that apply only to pressure injuries.” Last month, the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders had requested clarifications to the LCD, as it has caused confusion for suppliers, physicians and manufacturers. AAHomecare had also submitted comments on the LCD in support of its members who provide wound care.