NSM launches new reimbursement system

Friday, June 14, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility has launched an automated expected reimbursement system. The new system uses required payer and client benefits information to provide a real-time expected reimbursement for equipment being ordered, eliminating the need for manual calculations. “This automated, real-time information gives our funding specialists the ability to focus on moving the order forward more efficiently,” said Bill Mixon, NSM CEO. “It also increases the accuracy of initial communications with the client about their financial responsibility, so there are less surprises down the road.” NSM reports the new reimbursement system, along with other service and technology initiatives, has improved productivity by 18% and reduced the time it takes per funding case by 6% so far in 2019. The new system is integrated with the automated benefits and eligibility process launched earlier this year.