Patients in place for ResMed sleep apnea study

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AMSTERDAM – More than 1,300 patients are signed up for a large study examining the outcomes of heart-failure patients using ResMed’s PaceWave to treat central sleep apnea. ResMed announced Sept. 3 that enrollment is complete for the randomized, international study called SERVE-HF. The study will determine whether Resmed’s Minute Ventilation ASV technology increases survival and reduces hospitalization of those with central sleep apnea. The technology monitors and stabilizes breathing patterns of those with sleep apnea, according to the release. “The aim of SERVE-HF is not only to assess survival rates, but also to see if adaptive servo-ventilation improves quality of life, sleep and physiologic changes associated with heart failure,” stated Martin Cowie, co-principal investigator and professor at Royal Brompton Hospital. For more information, visit