PFQC launches ‘Faces Behind the Red Tape’

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

WATERLOO, Iowa – People for Quality Care has launched a new online series called “Faces Behind the Red Tape” to document the impact of audits on Medicare beneficiaries. The first chapter in the series features Sandra, a caregiver struggling to get a wheelchair for her mother. “Sandra was the inspiration for this series,” stated Lalaina Rabary, a communications and marketing specialist for PFQC, a division of The VGM Group. “When I spoke with her, I knew right away that we needed to share her story.” PFQC hopes the series will raise awareness among Medicare beneficiaries that audits are often the reason in takes weeks, if not months, to get the equipment they need. “A lot of beneficiaries we talk to don’t know anything about audits,” stated Kelly Turner, director of advocacy for PFQC.