Philips launches CPAP alternative

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

AMSTERDAM – Philips has commercially launched NightBalance, a mask-free CPAP alternative for patients with positional obstructive sleep apnea. People with positional OSA experience higher breathing disturbances while sleeping on their backs as opposed to their sides. NightBalance encourages patients to change their sleeping positions with gentle vibrations. “We are always looking to evolve our solutions to help people living with sleep apnea take control of their health,” said Mark D’Angelo, Sleep OSA Business Leader at Philips. “The right sleep therapy varies person-to-person, and for those who suffer from positional obstructive sleep apnea, it can be defeating when traditional therapies don’t meet their specific needs. With Philips NightBalance, positional obstructive sleep apnea patients now have a non-invasive and comfortable treatment option that can be successful, resulting in long term therapy adherence.” NightBalance comes with wireless connectivity, and a mobile app that monitors product use and provides patients and physicians with access to data via a cloud-based system. In a recent study, participants found SPT easier to use. Royal Philips acquired NightBalance in 2018.