Quantum hits milestone with iLevel

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

EXETER, Pa. – Quantum Rehab says its iLevel power-adjustable seat height technology has now been embraced by more than 5,000 users. Launched in July 2015, iLevel elevates the seat of a wheelchair up to 10 inches and, thanks to Extra Stability Technology, allows for full functionality at walking height and speeds up to 3.5 mph. Quantum says the success of iLevel is due to both user demand and an ever-changing understanding by payers toward funding the technology. “Consumers are telling the industry that static wheelchair height in complex rehab is less and less acceptable in their lives,” said John Storie, director of sales for eastern America. “We are witnessing ‘standing height’ mobility become the new norm. As iLevel numbers demonstrate, consumers are shifting toward demanding the most functional, inclusive mobility technologies possible.”