ResMed launches new company

Friday, January 6, 2017

SAN DIEGO – ResMed has teamed up with Dr. Mehmet Oz and Pegasus Capital Advisors to launch SleepScore Labs, a new company focused on helping people understand and improve their sleep. SleepScore’s initial focus will be to compile and analyze consumer sleep data, starting with its national sleep study on It will also license SleepScore by ResMed technology for other consumer sleep devices, to update their tracking capabilities and improve their products, according to a press release. The company has already signed R&D contracts with several global leaders, including Lighting Science Group, which plans to leverage SleepScore technology to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of its GoodNight LED pre-sleep bulb. Dr. Oz will serve as the company’s brand ambassador and liaison to patients, as well as a board member and adviser, and a co-owner. ResMed and Pegasus will serve as equity partners. ResMed and Dr. Oz partnered in late 2016 to launch a national sleep survey.