RESNA ups its certification game

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

TORONTO – RESNA announced at RehabWeek 2019 two changes to its ATP certification program. The organization now offers a program called “Candidate for ATP" or ATP (Cand) that allows younger professionals and students to take the ATP exam before they have met all of the other eligibility requirements. Professionals with ATP (Cand) will still have to meet all of the certification requirements. RESNA has also re-introduced the “Rehabilitation Engineering Technologist” certification. The RET certification will now be available to professionals who achieve the ATP and have a minimum of a four-year engineering degree. “The RESNA Board and the Professional Standards Board are pleased to announce these new additions to our certification program,” said Mary Ellen Buning, president. “We believe these additions will help dedicated and committed professionals distinguish themselves as leaders in the field, advance our profession, and increase access to technology solutions for people with disabilities.”