Short Takes: 3B Medical, VGM Insurance, InfuSystem Holdings

Friday, January 22, 2016

3B Medical has committed to allocating a significant portion of its profits to fund research adult autologous stem cell research for use in treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes and neurological diseases. "We spend a lot of resources treating the symptoms of diseases, and not enough trying to target the actual causes,” said President Thomas Thayer, Sr., in a release…VGM Insurance Services has partnered with AAHomecare to offer preferred pricing to AAHomecare members. Going forward, AAHomecare members will receive a 10% discount on Medicare/Medicaid Surety Bond premiums and general and professional liability insurance…InfuSystem Holdings has announced the implementation of InfuSystem EXPRESS, which includes the Company's patent-pending EMR connectivity solution at The Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at The University of Missouri Hospital & Clinics. “With our secure connection, The Ellis Fischel Cancer Center's Cerner system can deliver consistently-accurate therapy data, streamlining both patient care and billing," said Eric Steen, CEO of InfuSystem, in a release.