Somnoware enhances platform

Friday, August 24, 2018

SUNNYVALE, Calf. – Somnoware, a provider of digital health software, has launched an enhanced DME-ordering capability for enterprise healthcare systems. The expanded interoperability with electronic medical record or EMR software enables customers to manage patients who have historically not been on the platform. “This will allow enterprise healthcare systems to rapidly deploy Somnoware across all their facilities without changing their existing processes, resulting in improved care coordination and reduced costs,” the company states. With the enhanced DME ordering capability, physicians and care providers can now place orders within their existing EMR system. The order is then transmitted automatically via Somnoware to the DME company for fulfillment. During the transmission, Somnoware appends other relevant patient information to the electronic order, so the DME company receives complete patient records. Also, if the DME order was originally placed by a non-physician, Somnoware offers the opportunity for the physician to electronically sign the order and append notes before it is sent to the DME company.