Study finds correlation between sugar, diabetes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

STANFORD, Calif. – A study by researchers at Stanford University has found that sugar may have a direct, independent link to Type 2 diabetes, according to an article from United Press International. Conducted by lead author Dr. Sanjay Basu, an assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, and his colleagues, the study found that after accounting for obesity and a broad array of other factors, increased sugar in a population’s food supply was linked to higher rates of Type 2 diabetes. “We’re not diminishing the importance of obesity at all, but these data suggests that at a population level there are additional factors that contribute to diabetes risk besides obesity and total calorie intake, and that sugar appears to play a prominent role,” Basu stated in the article. For every additional 150 calories of sugar available per person per day, the prevalence of diabetes in the population rose 1%, even after controlling for obesity, physical activity and caloric intake, according to the study.