Sunrise’s Quickie IRIS celebrates 10 years

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FRESNO, Calif. – It’s been a decade since Sunrise Medical introduced a wheelchair that rotates in space around the user’s center of gravity without the use of gas springs, the company recently announced. “The (Quickie) IRIS has been a leader in tilt technology since its introduction in 2003,” said Brent Hatch, Sunrise director of product management, in a prepared statement. “It continues to evolve and improve as we identify better ways to address user and caregiver needs and as wheelchair technology becomes more advanced.” Since its introduction, the IRIS has gotten lighter and now features cable-free tilting, lower seats, a different back, new push handles and swinging hangers, according to the release. The chair’s design has maintained its maneuverable wheelbase and original center-of-gravity based tilt.