Survey: Home oxygen therapy inadequate, say patients

Thursday, May 25, 2017

BOSTON – Home oxygen patients say they are unable to access equipment to meet their needs, according to a new survey unveiled at ATS 2017 this week. The ATS Nursing Assembly Working Group surveyed 1,926 people and unearthed equipment issues like heaviness of tanks and portable oxygen concentrators that don’t meet their needs; and access issues like not being able to change suppliers, according to an article in RT Magazine. As a result, patients say they have lower quality of life. “Patients identify that they would benefit from equipment that is portable, lightweight and allows them to maintain activities of daily living,” said Kathleen Lindell, RN and Ph.D, of the University of Pittsburgh and lead study author. “Professional and patient organizations should develop processes to improve equipment supporting mobility and a better quality of life for oxygen dependent patients.” The American Thoracic Society has formed a workgroup to define optimal home oxygen therapy; identify barriers to therapy; and identify gaps and propose areas for future investigation and device development.