Urgency grows for complex rehab accessories

Friday, May 19, 2017

WASHINGTON – With July 1 looming, complex rehab technology stakeholders are asking everyone to step up efforts to get lawmakers to sign onto H.R. 1361 and S. 486 to stop Medicare from implementing reimbursement cuts for complex rehab accessories. Last year’s version of the bills drew 147 and 26 co-sponsors respectively, but many of those lawmakers have yet to sign on to this year’s bills, says Don Clayback, executive director of NCART. “There are almost 90 members of Congress who signed on as co-sponsors last year but have not yet resigned,” he said. “We need all stakeholders reaching out to Congress now.” Late last year, stakeholders were able to secure a six-month delay in CMS’s plans to apply competitive bidding-related pricing to accessories for complex power wheelchairs—a delay that expires July 1. Go to www.protectmymobility.org to find links to email or call your members of Congress. For a list of current sponsors, go here.