U.S. Rehab refreshes FMA dashboard

Friday, March 15, 2019

WATERLOO, Iowa – U.S. Rehab is in the final stages of releasing a new dashboard for its Functional Mobility Assessment tool, according to a blog post on its website. The new dashboard will have enhanced ease-of-use, more clearly defined graphics and menu selections, advanced diagnoses choices and more up-to-date demographic selections. U.S. Rehab says more details will be announced soon. More than 2,800 unique U.S. Rehab members and rehab institutions have now participated in the FMA outcomes program, U.S. Rehab says. Recent data from the program shows, for example, a 78% overall increase in client satisfaction from old equipment to new equipment. It also shows a statistical decrease in falls (reduced 64%), readmissions to healthcare facilities due to seating mobility incidents (reduced 83%) and skin breakdowns caused by poor seating and positioning (reduced 52%).