VGM assists Red Cross in Louisiana

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Homelink has used its network of HME providers and manufacturer partners to coordinate the delivery of 208 wheelchairs, first aid kits to accommodate 6,500 people and 130 service bells to shelters in areas affected by flooding in southern Louisiana. Homelink was asked by the American Red Cross to coordinate medical supplies to aid displaced flood victims. “Once we received the call from the Red Cross, our team dedicated to crisis situations began sourcing the requested products,” said Jason Sadler, vice president of operations. “Within 48 hours, the request was fulfilled, which included expediting overnight shipping on products that could not be sourced through local providers.” The Louisiana floods mark the third time in four years that the Red Cross has called on Homelink to assist during a crisis situation in the U.S.