VGM calls for speakers

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Group is now accepting proposals from prospective speakers for its annual Heartland Conference. The company is looking to fill eight education tracks with sessions on everything from business leadership and management, to retail, to sales and marketing, to technology. “For presenters, the Heartland Conference isn’t short on opportunity,” said Jill Blaser, chairwoman of Heartland Education. “It’s the perfect place to have one-on-one time with members and vendors, other presenters and, of course, everyone at VGM. Presenters are in the unique position to introduce, or reintroduce, themselves to the HME community and leave an outstanding impression.” The conference takes place June 15-17 in Waterloo, Iowa. Proposals are due Dec. 16. Interested speakers can fill out an online form at