Video makes patients more likely to stick with CPAP

Friday, July 21, 2017

DENVER – Sleep apnea patients were more likely to use their CPAP machines after watching video of themselves struggling to breathe, according to a new study led by Mark Aloia, Ph.D., a sleep expert at National Jewish Health in Denver. Twenty-four patients newly diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA received education with a personalized video (PVD), education with a non-personalized video (NPV) or treatment as usual (TAU). The PVD group used CPAP devices more than two hours per night (6.5)—more than the NPV group (4.1) or the TAU group (3.5). “Sleep apnea is one of those disorders you never really notice in yourself,” say Aloia in an article in Sleep Review Magazine. “I mean, you’re asleep; you’re consciously not aware of what’s happening to you.”