‘It’s been the year of eRoho’

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Roho Group’s yearlong online offensive reached a high point in August when it debuted an e-learning program.

The Roho Institute for Continuing Education and Research now offers a free Web-based continuing education unit (CEU) program that features nine courses covering everything from billing Medicare for home medical equipment to choosing a seating and positioning system.

“It has kind of been the year of eRoho,” said Melissa Keim, vice president of marketing for Belleville, Ill.-based Roho.

Also in 2008, Roho, a manufacturer of seat cushions, mattresses and other shape-fitting products, unveiled a more user-friendly Web site (it has three “key entrances”: medical products, comfort products and Roho Institute) and launched an authorized direct marketing program.

Roho expects the e-learning program to complement an already healthy on-site CEU program. In the second quarter alone, it held 70 on-site courses, each attracting anywhere from 30 to 100 attendees.

Demand pushed Roho to introduce its e-learning program, said Stephanie Dintelmann, administrator of The Roho Institute.

“Because we hold on-site courses when dealers request them-there are no set dates or locations-providers and clinicians can’t always get to them,” she said. “The e-learning program makes education more accessible.”

Roho expects the demand for its on-site courses to diminish now that it has an e-learning program.

“But because the on-site and Web-based courses are different, they still have their place, depending on what they’re looking for,” Dintelmann said.

VGM Education reviewed Roho’s online courses and approved them for CEUs. In late August, it was in discussions to provide similar services to two other manufacturers, said Sara Bauer, director of education.

“We’re hearing from more and more manufacturers that they want to cut costs, and online courses, whether they’re CEU-type courses or product training, can cut travel costs,” she said.