‘We try to do a little’

Monday, December 31, 2007

Despite reimbursement cuts and increased belt tightening many providers still manage to dig a little deeper into their pockets to support their communities, especially around the holidays.
“We pick up a family—the bigger the family the better—and we do food and toys for the kids,” said Dave Mills, co-owner of Chesapeake, Va.-based First Choice in Homecare. “We are also on the call list for a radio station that grants wishes.”
Kids are also spotlighted by Bay Pharmacy in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., which sponsors a children’s book drive every year in conjunction with a local radio station.
“The drop box is right here and we do a lot of advertising for it,” said Mike Tracey, HME manager. “There’s a big banner and customers that walk in see it.”
The books—new and used—are distributed at Christmas.
Most providers say they help out year-round.
Clay Home Medical, in Petersburg, Va., has supported a local battered and homeless women’s shelter for several years through a variety of fundraisers, said President Sam Clay. This year, they raffled off a lift chair and held a 50-50 raffle.
“One thing we do is have payroll deductions and most employees contribute $5 or $10 every pay period for the shelter,” said Clay. “They never miss it, and it adds up.”
In five years, the provider has contributed $19,000 to the shelter.
“We get so many requests from everybody to participate in things, but we try to do a little across the board and do most with one organization so that it’s enough to be significant,” he said.