101 Mobility franchises gain momentum

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WILMINGTON, N.C. – 101 Mobility is on its way to becoming a household name, says founder Dave Pazgan.

“We’ve been opening a new location pretty much every month,” said Pazgan, who launched the franchise in 2010. “It’s all coming along according to plan.”

That plan: open 101 Mobility franchises in 100 territories Pazgan has mapped out across the country by the end of next year. So far, 41 territories are covered by franchises. 

Pazgan said the industry is attractive to potential franchisees for two reasons: the growing senior demographic and the opportunity to make a difference.

“When you deliver that stair lift or ramp, people are very grateful,” said Pazgan.

101 Mobility offers franchisees a business model, branding, and search engine optimization to help get them get on their feet. They’re usually able to open their doors within 60 days. 

Chris Hunter opened a 101 Mobility office in Covington, La., with his wife, Cathy, to serve the Gulf Coast region in June. 

“We liked that 101 Mobility was a high energy and forward-thinking company,” he said .

Hunter says his business is pretty autonomous, and he appreciates that 101 Mobility allows owners to cater to their markets. 

Although he’s still in the process of opening franchises across the United States, Pazgan already has another goal in sight: the international market.