2% cut? Try 45%-72%

Friday, April 26, 2013

Over the last several weeks the news media has been discussing the impact of sequestration on the public. We’ve all heard by now about the White House tours being cancelled, air shows being cancelled, airline delays and cancellations, and other government program cuts that will negatively affect our daily lives.

All of these negative effects from the “sky is falling” sequestration are due to a 2% cut to the growth of federal spending. I’ll say that again, 2% cut to the growth, not 2% of current spending. We have been led to believe that these 2% cuts will result in catastrophic consequences of how our federal government will be able to operate in the future. 

My question to Congress and President Barack Obama is, if a 2% cut to the growth will cause these catastrophic changes to our way of life, what do they think a 45%-72% cut to the current fee schedule amounts will do to the lives of Medicare beneficiaries and the businesses that serve them in competitive bidding areas? 

— TJ McEnany, general manager, United Seating & Mobility, Middleburg, Fla.