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AABCP puts competition, licensing on its agenda

AABCP puts competition, licensing on its agenda

After a decade of offering compliance boot camps, webinars and other educational information for breast health professionals, Rhonda Turner, executive director of the American Association of Breast Care Professionals, is hosting the First Annual AABCP Mastectomy Summit & Expo in Dallas. Turner spoke with HME News about some of the “elephants” that will be tackled at the event, slated for July 6-8.

HME News: How is the event coming along?

Rhonda Turner: We have around 50 vendors right now, which we are really excited about it. It's being met with very positive response and we are getting a mix of people from all over the country. One of our keynote speakers is Dana Donofree, founder of (post-mastectomy clothing designer) AnaOno. She's a new breakout star in her design work.

HME: The summit features several round tables. What are some of the topics that will be discussed?

Turner: We are going to address some of the elephants in the room. One of the things that always comes up is competitive bidding and whether we'll be included. There are also licensing and accreditation issues. Another is competition with retail sales and catalogs, and manufacturers who sell direct. We can get a dialog going and start to talk about this to see how we can better benefit both the profession and how we can better provide our services.

HME: What is the Expo Survivors Day?

Turner: We are opening up the show floor to the public. They can walk around, talk to people, play and feel and touch and get some information about these products. This is important because it raises awareness not only of the products but also the need for the professional to fit them. It isn't just about going online and purchasing a bra. There is a lot more involved than that.


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