Access Point CEO: 'The future is actually very bright'

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ST. LOUIS - For a company with a "very bright" future, Access Point Medical has proven to be a black hole for key executives and fodder for the industry's rumor mill.
Most recently to depart the manufacturer: Andy Jones, vice president of sales, and Rick Davis, vice president of marketing.
These departures followed the resignations late last year of the company's marquee executive team: co-chairs Jerry Jones (former Apria CEO) and Tom O'Donnell (former president of Sunrise Medical's North American operations) and CEO Hans Stover (former head of Puritan Bennett's homecare division).
In a May e-mail, Andy Jones wrote: "I resigned from Access Point Medical effective next week. The organization under current controlling ownership is not a fit for me."
Jones declined additional comment.
Following last year's resignations, the company's investor group, Quadrant Management, took control of the day-to-day operations.
At that time, Jerry Jones said that the company still had "plenty of cash, but clearly they have to look for ways to reduce their burn rate."
In an e-mail response to HME News in June, company CEO Jason Young, who took over that position in December, wrote: "We are still working through a lot right now with APM...the future of APM, contrary to rumors, is actually very bright."