ActiveCare Medical: ‘There’s a need for a hybrid’

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

COLUMBIA, S.C.--In a recent press release about a new partnership between ActiveCare Medical, a manufacturer of power mobility devices, and Home Patient Services, an HME buying group, a familiar industry name resurfaced: Steve Neese.

Neese has held high-profile positions with Invacare (vice president of customer operations and e-business) and Merits Healthcare (vice president of sales and marketing). Lerado Industrial, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of infant and pre-school products, recruited him to launch ActiveCare in January 2007.

As president and CEO of ActiveCare, Neese aims to fill a gap in the HME industry.

“We want to provide high-quality power wheelchairs and scooters at a significant discount to the Tier 1 manufacturers-an Invacare, Pride Mobility or Sunrise Medical-and at about the same price or maybe a little less than the Chinese manufacturers-a Merits or Shoprider,” he said. “We feel there’s a need for a hybrid.”

ActiveCare is able to offer quality products at low prices due to its direct relationship with Lerado. But as a “hybrid,” it doesn’t pretend to offer the same level of value-added services as an Invacare, Neese said.

“I think, right now, the value proposition for most providers is, ‘Give me a quality product at a low price; I can live without some of the other stuff,’” he said.

But ActiveCare hasn’t thrown all services out the window, Neese said. It prides itself on having $1.5 million worth of parts in stock and a competent technical services staff.