Adorno gives providers a way out

Saturday, June 30, 2007

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Adorno Mobility's new locations in Missouri and Illinois represent another new twist for the company. Instead of growing organically, Adorno acquired existing companies whose owners wanted to continue working in the industry but without all the headaches.
"It's not exactly franchising, but in a way, we're acquiring these companies without true ownership," said Scott Higley, Adorno's COO. "We kind of stumbled on (this type of relationship) after hearing what providers wanted and knowing what we do best."
Officials declined to name the companies. The owners of the companies continue to run them day-to-day, but Adorno handles all the "back-office stuff," such as purchasing and billing, from its corporate headquarters here, said Joey Harwell, president and CEO.
With last year's reimbursement cut for power mobility devices and next year's national competitive bidding program, an increasing number of smaller providers are looking for a way out, Higley said.
"It's a lot--what (Medicare) is throwing at small providers," he said. "The more complicated things become, the more consolidation there'll be. We're a solution to some of their more troubling issues. We work on keeping them doing what they want to do--working with patients--and we take care of the rest."
Adorno expects to add more locations in the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky area some time later this year.
"We've had a lot of inquiries," Harwell said. "Providers are wondering whether or not rehab is a viable business to do on their own."