ALR debuts new nebulizer monitoring technology

Monday, February 28, 2005

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - ALR Technologies is beginning product trials on a monitoring system that lets providers of nebulizers, physicians and family members measure a patient’s use of a nebulizer.

The ALRT Home Neb Monitoring system, or PC500, reminds patients to use the nebulizer and for how long, tracks patient use and provides e-mail alerts of non-compliance to designated parties.

The LCD-screen device, which is about the size and shape of a digital alarm clock, costs $40 to $45 wholesale, and the transmission modem will cost less than $40. The monthly monitoring fees will cost $12 for a 30-day compliance profile to $24 for daily monitoring.

Though monitoring is not a new concept, monitoring for nebulizers and this pricing is, according to Stan Cruitt, president of ALR Technologies.

“This pricing is far below the lowest in the industry,” he said via e-mail. Who pays for the system? One of the plan’s selling points is that patients receive the equipment and service free of charge. Which leaves the physician or the HME as the most likely candidates to buy into the service. Physicians, said Cruitt, can receive reimbursement under care of plan oversights for qualified providers. As for the HME?

“There is a significant opportunity for a HME, especially if they provide medications, to improve drug utilization and therefore drug sales,” said Cruitt.

ALR plans to roll out the system in June. To date, both Pari and Evo have agreements to provide nebulizers with connectivity to the system. ALR’s marketing literature state that the LCD device can be adapted to all types of nebulizers with minimal costs.