...and demand payment

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MEMPHIS--When providers think of RemitDATA, they think of what they’re not getting paid for. The vendor’s flagship product, Reimbursement PRO, allows providers to track denials.

But in November, RemitDATA released an add-on module, Contract Manager, that allows providers to track what they are getting paid for.

“Your typical AR staff is swimming in denials, so if they get paid for anything, they’re just posting it and moving on, and they’re not looking to see if it’s the right amount,” said Bently Goodwin, founder and CEO.

In a nutshell, Contract Manager uploads and manages fee schedules from commercial payers and spits out lists of possible underpaid claims.

With a list of underpayments, providers can then write letters to payers, asking them to settle up, Goodwin said.

“I think they need to handle it in a friendly and businesslike manner, but they can say, ‘The following transactions were not paid according to the fee schedule; please consider them for repayment,’” he said.