... and RAMP suggests ten more

Monday, May 31, 2004

WASHINGTON - The RAMP Coalition issued a 10-point plan to combat fraud and abuse April 28.

1. Organize a special fraud task force that includes CMS, OIG and reps from industry.

2. Establish clear national coverage policy for mobility products.

3. Accreditation for all Medicare/Medicaid mobility suppliers.

4. Require strict certification for high-end rehab suppliers.

5. Require corroborating PT/OT evaluation in addition to CMN.

6. Set up advisory council as sounding board for new policies and guidelines, including reps from disability, consumer and industry groups.

7. Update old mobility codes with new codes.

8. Establish clear advertising regulations.

9. Beef up the fraud reporting system.

10. Stick to MMA’s regulatory reform measures as a means of assuring clarity in medical documentation requirements.