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Andrew Davis: NRRTS's first consumer relations/advocacy intern

Andrew Davis: NRRTS's first consumer relations/advocacy intern

The rehab industry continues to make strides strengthening its ties with the disability community. NRRTS announced today that it has appointed Andrew Davis, a wheelchair user, as its first consumer relations/advocacy intern. The organization has charged Davis, a Marietta, Ga., resident and graduate of Kennesaw University, with, first, learning about the industry's efforts to create a separate benefit for complex rehab and, then, educating disability groups about it. Executive Director Simon Margolis told HME News this afternoon:

We've asked him to put together a 20-minute presentation about how he would present this information to a group of consumers with disabilities that has never heard anything about it before. It's tough for us to see the forest from the trees when we start to explain it to all the different groups involved. What does it mean?"

Davis, who in the past has worked as a patient representative for a major hospital and as an advocate for disability issues on a state and local level, attended NRRTS's Continuing Education and Legislative Advocacy Conference (CELA) last year.

Liz Beaulieu


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