Ankle huggers receive new code

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

COLUMBIA, S.C. - An industry effort led by manufacturer Bodypoint succeeded in convincing the SADMERC in late December to re-code ankle huggers as a wheelchair component or accessory. The devices had been coded as E0951--heel loop/holder, any type, with or without ankle strap. Some disputed the classification, largely because products used to position the feet on footplates vary in use and function. Seattle-based Bodypoint, which makes postural support products and wheelchair seating accessories, sent letters to rehab professionals last fall, encouraging them to contact the SADMERC with concerns. While the industry aimed for a new code, Bodypoint and others believe K0108 is better than E0951. In addition to sending out letters, Bodypoint also organized a meeting with officials in August to discuss the need to re-code ankle huggers.