Apria: It’s a no-brainer

Monday, March 31, 2008

ARLINGTON, Va. – Deciding to renew its AAHomecare membership this year “was not a difficult decision,” said Lisa Getson, Apria’s executive vice president of business development/clinical services.
“It is a valuable organization that represents the diverse cross-section of the industry,” Getson said. “We believe that large and small providers can peacefully co-exist in an organization like that." Lincare, which like Apria generated about $1.6 billion in revenue last year, opted not to renew its AAHomecare membership in 2008. Praxair also did not renew its membership.
Getson acknowledged that all companies have different business needs, but when it comes to AAHomecare, Apria gets its money’s worth. The association’s lobbying and regulatory work in Washington benefits the entire industry. AAHomecare also carries a unified messaged to lawmakers. That’s crucial, Getson said. A splintered industry sending mixed messages confuses lawmakers and regulators.
Membership in AAHomecare also adds credibility to Apria’s lobbying efforts.
“You want to be viewed as part of the larger industry,” she said. “You don’t want to be viewed by the people you are meeting with on the Hill or at CMS as the big for-profit company that may have some ulterior motive.” HME