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Apria is the top provider of transfilling technology�for now

I'm working on a story about oxygen transfilling technology.

I'm working on a story about oxygen transfilling technology because Invacare has reported, for the past few quarters, the loss of a significant order of HomeFills by a national account.

I thought it was a good time to check in on this technology.

I'm still in the middle of interviewing sources, but in trying to determine whether this was a one-off or a trend, I first looked at some data.

In our HME Databank, we track total Medicare reimbursement by code, including K0738, E1392 and E1390. The most current year for which we have data: 2013. That's before Invacare's loss, but there's no denying in looking at total Medicare reimbursement for these three codes from 2009-2013 that portable oxygen concentrators have been the big gainers.

We also track the top providers by code, including K0738. It turns out Apria is not only the No. 1 provider of this technology (again, as of 2013, before Invacare's loss) but also the only national provider until Lincare makes an appearance at No. 36. I suppose this is harder to discern than at first glance, however, because some of the providers listed may be owned by Lincare or another national provider. Still, with Apria by far the leader of this product category it's likely the national account Invacare speaks of.

Will sources in the field support the data: That POCs are enjoying a greater adoption rate than transfilling devices?

More to come.


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