Ask for AdvaCare

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. - AdvaCare Home Services has created a new brand that makes it crystal clear the company does way more than just drop off equipment at a patient's home.

"We want patients to be able to stay at home and be happy and healthy and recover," said CEO Tammy Zelenko. "That has always been part of our mission and our vision, but how do we make that happen, and how, visually, do you portray that?"

The way Zelenko did it was by hiring an advertising agency, Yearick-Millea of Pittsburgh.

The new brand begins with the company's new tag line: "Your Life. Your Independence. Live Better with AdvaCare." The tag line goes hand-in-hand with AdvaCare's new image of an elderly woman who is on oxygen but working outside in a garden. The company uses the image and the tag line on its delivery vehicles, billboards, marketing materials and as part of its advertisements.

 "AdvaCare is more than a medical equipment supplier," said Connie Kovolenko, Yearick-Millea's vice president. "These people don't just drop off stuff at your door. They help the patient understand how the equipment is going to help them live a higher quality of life and how the company will be a resource for ongoing care."

The project's goal: Create a new look and message that promotes community awareness, customer loyalty and a "momentum shift in the marketplace," Kovolenko said.